Monday, November 11, 2013

Winning ideas

One day I'd like to either run for office, or be a consultant for a politician.  The other day I was listening to Steve Lonegan debate Corey Booker and he was asked about his pro-life position.  Mr. Booker attacked Mr. Lonegan by saying how he wanted to take away the rights of women and conduct a "war" on them.  Mr. Lonegan responded by asking Mr. Booker what situations would he be opposed to abortion.  This is your typical back and forth on the issue, and it is a losing strategy for pro-life Republicans.  Here's the answer Mr. Lonegan should give:

Sir, I believe that all life is sacred.  I believe that life begins at conception and further, I believe that I should do everything in my power to protect and honor life.  In a nutshell, I am pro-life.  I hope you are too.

Personally, I'm okay with abortion.  Being against abortion because you cherish life is not a position to run away from.  It's a noble position if you don't impose it on other people.  If you try to persuade with that position, then people will respect you.  The only time somebody can get in trouble for being pro-life is when it's imposed on others.  We are the party of liberty, we can also be the party that places life in the highest regard possible.  These are not antagonistic positions unless you make them.