Monday, April 21, 2014

Round then up!

Oh why, oh why are Jews still living in Europe?  Nowhere has any group so clearly stated to another that they don't like them, they don't want them, and in the absence of civilization, they would kill them.  It's astonishing to me as a Jew that my fellow Jews are so unbelievably stupid.  Get the heck out of dodge people!

The episode in Ukraine would be satirical if it weren't real.  Russia annexed the Crimea, is making further provocations towards its territorial sovereignty, and what story comes out of there, let's round up the Jews!  Huh, how was that even on the map?  With all the other stuff going on, the one thought on peoples minds was that the Jews are the problem?  That's crazy and it doesn't matter if it was a fringe element responsible, it reflects a societal sickness.  They haven't killed them all, and the ones that remain are the real enemies.  Wow, completely crazy.

What's more crazy is that Jews still live there.  I might be a bad person for saying this, but if you are a Jew living in Europe at this moment in history, you deserve whatever happens to you.  One doesn't have to be super brave, just be smart enough to run away when the mob comes.  Don't just sit there and wait for the trains.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not so secret

To my conservative friends out there who are in favor of campaign disclosure laws, Mozilla should be a warning.  The entire purpose of these laws is to intimidate opponents.  Make no mistake about it, the only reason that liberals want to name campaign donors is so they can harass and take revenge upon their political enemies.

Ask yourself why elections are held by secret ballot.  Because if they were held in public, each individual would be subject to enormous pressure by whoever happens to be the biggest bully.  Think about it from the perspective of the bully.  If you don't know who voted against you, you don't know who to take retribution on.

In essence, campaign finance disclosure laws take away the secret ballot.  If you know who I donated money to, you pretty much know who I'm going to vote for.  It paints a big target for every bully out there and it's wrong.

Don't be foolish and think any of this is about "transparency", it's about coercion, plain and simple.