Monday, October 3, 2016

Why Trump is Better than Hillary

The simple reason why anyone would support Trump over Hillary is that it's clear that Trump loves his country and his people while Hillary does not. That's it. We can argue all we want about policies, but at the end of the day you have two people. One person has your best interests in his heart, the other one has her best interests. That alone explains the appeal of Trump to Hillary.

More generally, the parties are reflecting this distinction. One party loves America, while another party doesn't. They say they do with this and that caveat. But it's increasing clear that they don't.

I for one am starting to really loathe (more than I already do) all these people in this country who don't appreciate it. It's extremely disheartening and anger inducing to listen to a bunch of ingrates bash the country that has given them a lifestyle that they could only have dreamed of.

We are a country that is clearly moving in the wrong direction. We are becoming a racially polarized country and it's getting worse. It's a very sad state and we have no one but ourselves to blame.