Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins

I'm not a huge (not intended) fan of Trump, but I'm super against those who don't support him. That includes "conservatives". The democrats are so far gone that anyone who is not a democrat is easily super qualified to lead this country. Seriously. I don't care if the guy says shit you don't like, grow up. He could shit on the stage and hurl it at the audience and he would still be more qualified than any democrat running for office.

Listening to Ben Shapiro just pisses me off. Character matters? No, it doesn't. Who the fuck cares, get your head out of your ass and smell the fucking future. You aren't it, dumbass. Conservatism isn't it.

There are an innumerable number of posts and reactions that show just how far gone the left is. Here's a small sampling:

To the second one, yes your son should have died you fucking waste of a human being. Your son should have been aborted and unfortunately it took 28 years for it to happen. Don't think for a second that your son wouldn't have killed someone for some idiotic reason. The person killed your son because your son THREATENED his life. Oh, and give me a fucking break with the hard luck story. Don't buy Air Jordans which cost probably a weeks salary, and for g-dsakes where is planned parenthood when you need them to prevent this idiot from having children. I could go on and on around this horrible person and his horrible family, but I won't because apparently his horribleness makes other people racist. Yup, his stupidity is because of racism.

You know why I'm a Trump supporter? Because the bitch and her family are not. Because they are "with her" and that's fucking scary. Anyone who reads shit like this and isn't banding together and getting on the Trump train is a fucking traitor. And quite frankly just plain stupid.

Trump won, yay. Holy shit this country is fucked.