Monday, December 28, 2009


Some moron tried to blow himself up on Christmas day. Fortunately he was a moron, and therefore unsuccessful but even morons get lucky now and then. Why do we as a country waste resources screening grandmas and grandpas versus using profiling? This is simple folks, limited resources must be used to target the most likely threats. Clearly looking at everyone doesn't work (as this episode has demostrated) so maybe we should try a different tact.

It just goes to show you, government, regardless of who administers it, is incompentent. Our safety is the most essential duty and they failed miserably. I suppose there's a lesson in here somewhere.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Government is greed

Misdirection is what magicians call it. They guide your eyes to see what they want while they perform the trick where you are not looking. Politicians call it success. They rob Peter to pay Paul, and abracadabra, money from thin air! Most of us never learn how magic tricks are performed, we like the illusion, we like fantasizaing that magic does exist. It doesn't.

But misdirection is only one half of the political magic trick. The other half is a bribe to convince you that magic is real. It relies on complicitly to look the other way while Peter is robbed. They pay so you will believe that your fantasy is real, money from thin air!

Taking government money is not an endorsement of magic, it is the denial of reality. People take it because it's there. People take it, because to them, Peter doesn't exist, he's where you aren't looking. People take it for precisely the reason Capitalism and the Free Market are so vehemently denigrated: greed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"isms" and other nonsesne

Capitalism is the bogey man of the left and socialism of the right. Every time I get into political debates, people tend to throw around meaningless statements such as capitalism doesn't work or socialism works in theory. How can one argue against things counter to reality? You can't and that's where the political debate ends and conjecture takes over. If only we had a purely capitalistic or socialistic model, then it would work. Well I have news for you, there is no such thing as pure capitalism or pure socialism, there's life and the world we live in.

"isms" are ammunition for the weak. Instead of debating specific policies or principles, people conduct an attack on the "ism". What they are doing is dehumanizing their opponent and placing him into a box. His thoughts and ideas are no longer his own, but that of the "ism". And if the "ism" is evil, so is he. The real kicker is that no one can actually define what the "ism" means. No one knows and if you ask 100 people they will come up with 100 different answers. And its always the case that the "ism" changes to suit the charge.

"isms" are pathetic and those that use them are equally so. If you want to debate, then let's debate actual policy, and not the merit or demerit of some theoretical philosophy. I am an individual with thoughts and ideas of my own. So are you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Political Strategy

Here's a strategic suggestion for the Republicans when debating the Democratic health care bill. Rewrite the bill in less than 2000 pages, say 100. Taking the Democratic bill and enumerating all its important points in 100 pages would inevitably raise an obvious question: What's in the other 1900 pages? This would make a great commercial.