Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Government is greed

Misdirection is what magicians call it. They guide your eyes to see what they want while they perform the trick where you are not looking. Politicians call it success. They rob Peter to pay Paul, and abracadabra, money from thin air! Most of us never learn how magic tricks are performed, we like the illusion, we like fantasizaing that magic does exist. It doesn't.

But misdirection is only one half of the political magic trick. The other half is a bribe to convince you that magic is real. It relies on complicitly to look the other way while Peter is robbed. They pay so you will believe that your fantasy is real, money from thin air!

Taking government money is not an endorsement of magic, it is the denial of reality. People take it because it's there. People take it, because to them, Peter doesn't exist, he's where you aren't looking. People take it for precisely the reason Capitalism and the Free Market are so vehemently denigrated: greed.


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