Monday, February 23, 2009

Flash versus Substance

Recently I participated in a competition to determine the commercial viability of some particular invention. The competition involved researching the invention and determining it's advantages over the current technology. It then involved conducting an analysis of the current and potential markets and whether given their size and the product's relative advantage, an investor should invest money. It was fun and I think my team did a good job understanding the market place. I am happy to report that our analysis was very sound, our presentation was lacking.

The winners did an amazing job with their presentation. I don't remember their analysis and that's the point. The competition had virtually nothing to do with the analysis, it was about awing the audience with your presentation.

My personal demeanor is one that values substance over flash but I fear that is a minority opinion. Most people value flash over substance. The phrase, "perception is reality" reflects upon this belief and it is a bit of a tragedy. Like the falling tree, reality does not need our perception. Perception distorts reality.

At the end of the day perception always loses out to reality. I am ok with that. I can wait!


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