Monday, April 13, 2009

And Your Little Dog Too

Telling are the actions we take. Mr. Obama has fulfilled his promise to his daughters and given them a dog, but not a mutt like him. Given the opportunity, Mr. Obama displayed his true character, an elitist and a hypocrite. He "wanted" to rescue a dog from a shelter but alas, he didn't. He had good intentions but intentions won't cut it for Scruffie. Scruffie's days are numbered and there is no hope left. Soon, Scruffie will be euthanized, a euphemism for an ever long sleep.

How hard would it have been to have kept that promise, to fulfill the noble ideal of helping a downtrodden canine? Not hard, but harder than the minuscule sacrifice required. Obama, the embodiment of symbolism, sent a strong signal with his choice. Mr. Obama's symbolic failure unmasks the veil of shared sacrifice. He preaches shared sacrifice, but neglects to tell us to whom we are sacrificing. God does not give himself sacraments and he doesn't get a mutt.


Geoff said...

Amen! This post is spot on. President Obama (and liberals in general) always preach the virtues of self-sacrifice and then fail to deliver. It is always left up to someone else to do the sacrificing. And if they don't, well, then, they just mandate it.

(It kind of takes the "sacrifice" out of it, but they don't seem to see it that way.)

To liberals, duty is not something you do out of a sense of honor, belief, or free choice. It is action that must be compelled. And they like to do the compelling, not the actual duty.

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