Friday, June 19, 2009

For Whom Universal Health Care Tolls

All this debate about universal health care has got me thinking, who doesn't have health insurance? There are two groups of people that don't have health insurance: those that can't afford it and those that can. To those that can I say buy it. This leaves the country with the problem of those that can't afford it. Presumably they can't afford it because it is too expensive relative to their income. These people then should be on medicaid or some other form of assistance already out there. That emptiness you hear is the sound of the people who are unable to have health insurance. The reality is they shouldn't exist and we shouldn't propose vast government action to help those that don't help themselves.

As an aside, this is the reason we are seeing the debate shift from universal coverage to affordable care. The liberals are smart and have figured out what I have said above and know they can't win that argument. They have shifted the argument to say that health care costs too much EVEN FOR THOSE THAT HAVE IT and government is needed to reign in these costs. Very sly on their part.


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