Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We may yet survive

Hallelujah! The good folks of Massachusetts have renewed my faith in humanity. Even in the Bluest of Blue states, where they bleed red on the outside, a moment of temporary sanity has prevailed. Scott Brown won! Thank g-d.

Hopefully, now that we have stepped back from the brink we will not rest on our laurels. The reality is simple, unless Republicans enact health reform, some version of Obamacare will happen in the future. National health care has been delayed, not defeated and Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP are no less gargantuan today than they were yesterday.

To keep this issue at bay in the future, Republicans MUST do one thing: offer a simple universal health care solution. All they have to do is provide a subsidy for those under a certain income level. As long as approximately 95% of Americans have health care, it will be near impossible to dislodge that entrenchment.

Additionally, a few other good ideas:
  • Let people purchase health care across state lines

  • Put incomes limits on Medicare recipients(hint: turn it into Medicaid 2)

  • Enact a law which stops companies form selling drugs cheaper to foreigners and forces us to subsidize their cost

  • Enact malpractice reform


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