Monday, June 7, 2010

Paintball kills people

As a jew I really dislike my people. They are extremely smart on average, yet they are ridiculously stupid when it comes to common sense. Hence, they are liberals and their liberalism is going to get them killed.

First, bullies don't respect weakness and nuance, they respect strength. This isn't rocket science, it's common sense. Most people secretly want to impose their will on others, most don't because they don't want their ass kicked. If they think you are going to kick their ass (or at least make a fight unpleasant enough), they won't f*** with you.

But only liberal jews board a flotilla with PAINTBALL guns. What the f*** were they thinking? They were trying to be nuanced and respectful to people whose entire purpose was to be blunt and disrespectful. Nine people got killed because they weren't scared, because they saw paintball guns and thought they could be a bad ass and attack the commandos. I bet had the Israeli's had real guns, pointed directly at the protesters heads, and the protesters knew it, their bad assness would have gone away. How many of those nine would have done what they did if they knew that was their last day on earth. I'm betting less than nine.

All nuance and proportional force does is make it less costly for your enemies to continue to fight and in the long run, there will be more conflict and more death because of it. You want to prevent violence, you want peace, then you have to kick some serious ass. Unfortunately the Israeli's are a bunch of liberal jews and they are going to get themselves (and others) killed.


M. D. Roe said...

"As a jew, I really dislike my people."

Wow, talk about getting right up in there, holding nothing back.

Personally, I believe that violence often solves nothing at all and I don't think the use of paintball guns was for any other purpose than to cause some kind of spin on the action that mightn't be as negative toward the Israelis. It obviously didn't work.

The whole goal of the flotilla was to provoke a full out attack from the Israelites (can I say that instead of Israelis? I like it) in order to cause an international scene. I think the Israelite leaders knew this but they also knew they couldn't do nothing. . . it was a stupid idea, honestly.

What might have been better? Simply blocking the ship or using tugs to tow it away from the coast and back out to international waters.

The Israelites like to point to the aid they give to the Palestinians as proof that they are trying to help but to me, aid, especially monetarily, is nothing but dependence building.

Honestly, I think that there are only three answers there:
1. Maintain the current constant police state.
2. Genocide.
3. Grant genuine freedoms, defend yourself the best you can but allow them to build their own infrastructures and seek their own fortune.

Somehow, unfortunately, I don't see no. 3 happening because of the lack of trust here. Israel would really need to be the bigger "man" in doing this, in a BIG way. I think that there's years of racial tension on both sides and a genuine lack of trust. There is true hatred, neither side can genuinely deny.

When will we learn that we do not bear the sins of our fathers and neither do our enemies.

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