Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Qualified...compared to what?

I think what the political pundits don't get is that pretty much no one in public office is qualified to be in public office.  Seriously, our politicians don't do anything, at least not positive.  Trump and Carson are not qualified, please!  Compared to who...Obama?  What exactly did Obama DO before becoming president?  Is being a politician a qualification?  Well, yeah, if your job is to be a politician.

The truth is that we'd be better off with decent folks in charge who have a high enough intellect (not too high) to do the job.  There's no special presidential qualification.  For god's sake, the democrats are destroying this country and these are the qualified ones!  Heaven forbid we get a few "unqualified" people in charge.

What makes everybody angry is that the charge of Carson and Trump being unqualified is because they are not elite douche bags like themselves.  It was the same with Harriet Miers.  To all you elite SOBs out there, take your John Roberts and your Obamacare and put it where the sun don't shine.


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