Sunday, May 10, 2009

The foundation

The foundation of government needs to be how people really act versus how they ought to act. What I am going to say will be blasphemy but we must advocate policies not on the basis of some theorectical ideal but on the basis of what will work the best.

Morality is in an absolute sense relative and even if it is not, man's morality definitely is. At their base people are envious and jealous and don't believe in fundamental right and wrong. I believe that every one of us is inherently self centered and I will not advocate choice and freedom because they sound good, or right. I will advocate policies which will promote as much freedom as is possible. We must accept the fact that not everyone values freedom and liberty as much as we do. This is not a fault that needs to be corrected. It is nature.

The battle is over between what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. Morality is for philosophers and liberatarians. We live in the real world, so let's get off our immature soap boxes and do something!


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