Thursday, May 28, 2009

Resisting gravity

Defining success as a recursive process is a dangerous proposition. People are poor because they have always been poor and this cycle of poverty keeps them poor. Countries are given aid to "lift" them out of poverty. A "lift" necessary due to the historical weight of their situation. A logical man might ask, what is recursion, then he may wonder how anyone overcame their short, nasty, brutish existences. He would rightly wonder how the rich became rich, or in recursive terminology, what is the base case?

So it goes that when success requires a push, someone already "lifted" must provide the push. Who pushed them? Liberalism revokes blame on those that don't succeed (fail is too harsh a term and denotes an evil known as responsibility). Liberalism also revokes success due to that evil known as responsibility. Responsibility being the "lifting" where one "pushes" themselves.


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