Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a sign

Almost eight years ago The Twin Towers were knocked long before they get back up? Today's NY Times editorial reports that once again the rebuilding of Ground Zero is stalling. Why? In a word: Government.

The Twin Towers were targeted because they were a symbol of America's greatness. That greatness born of the free market. The free market is nothing more than a reflection upon man. It's profits and losses are signals telling man what he should do. The free market, more than anything, drives man to do. The free market would not, could not, let prime real estate go to waste. Someone out there, looking to make a profit, would gobble up the land and rebuild it. They wouldn't do it for the public good but for themselves. In their brazen act of selfishness they are guided by that free hand which benefits us all. In a short time, the symbol of the free market would be restored. That symbol, the embodiment of the machine that created it.

The government on the other hand is not motivated by profits and losses. With the scar of the nation still fresh, one thing is clear: government, is not motivated. Nothing happens while bureaucrats argue over the symbol they want to project and who will project it. They don't pay a price for waiting. No missed opportunity, no greed to motivate them. One day maybe, the anger of a nation will motivate them. That day is not today. This is the effectiveness of government. Eight years and we still have a hole.


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