Friday, September 11, 2009

All in the family

In a totally unrelated story, the Wall Street Journal inadvertently proves my point about families in politics (emphasis mine)
Consider what happened in 1994. Republican Gov. Pete Wilson, vying for re-election, was down 23 points in March. Then Melvin Carter, who had been convicted of a dozen rapes in 1982 and sentenced to 25 years in prison, was suddenly released thanks to time-off for good behavior. Democratic challenger Kathleen Brown said Carter's release was evidence Mr. Wilson was soft on crime.

The Republican counterpunch was devastating: The "good-time credits" law that let Carter out had been signed by Ms. Brown's brother, Jerry Brown, when he was governor. And it was her father, Pat Brown, who as governor appointed the judge who refused to correct a sentencing error that would have doubled Carter's punishment. Ms. Brown never recovered. She lost by 15 points.
My daddy was governor, my brother was governer, I guess it's my turn. If another Bush runs for President, I'm protesting.


p.a.whelan.nd said...

I have no problem with competent families that keep putting people in the government... John and John Quicny...The Eisenhowers (I understand the non Ike's have been honorable, though I could be wrong)... out side of them maybe not so much...

There is a judge in KY now, Kara King -- she had practiced less than 2 years before running. Just awful.

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