Friday, October 2, 2009

Is Life a Disease?

The New York Times goes off the deep end again. From the source:
Critics of pending health care reforms claim they want to ensure that the government does not thrust itself between patients and doctors to dictate what medical procedures can be performed. Yet many are trying to do just that when it comes to one legal and medically valid service: abortion.
Why is the New York Times surprised by this? Abortion is an extremely divisive issue. No one should be shocked that citizens morally opposed to abortion would not want public funding (read: their money) used to support abortion. The conflict the New York Times is so perplexed about is a direct result of government interference in health care. Remove government from the debate and the conflict disappears.

The other problem here is the New York Times is treating pregnancy as a disease. It is not. Pregnancy is a consequence of controllable behavior. If one does not wish to have a child and needs an abortion then there is a simple solution. Don't have sex. That might offend some who see their right to engage in any behavior as unfettered, but the issue is not one of right but of responsibility. If you want to play then it is your responsibility to pay the cost.

The New York Times believes in the right to abortion and the lifestyles which necessitate them. It is inappropriate to force people to subsidize those lifestyles in the name of medical care.


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