Sunday, February 28, 2010

Follow the money

I can't understand some people's logic, or lack thereof. Here's a simple test to determine what country has the best healthcare, economic system, education system, etc: See where people choose to go and where they don't.

People come from all over the world to this country and yet I continually hear how we suck. Bullshit! Regardless of your political affiliation, how can you see refugees beating down the door to this country and not see the obvious statement being made: here is better than where they came from. That's not partisan, it's simple and right before your eyes. How can you look at countries which erect barriers to keep people from leaving and not state how much better we are?

NO ONE in America goes to other countries for medical care, and there are so many numerous examples of people with means coming here for medical care and yet there is this absurd argument that we aren't the best?


bhn said...

Actually people in the US routinely go to Mexico for dental work because the cost is so prohibitive in the US. "The best healthcare" has to do not just with the product itself but with the cost and affordability. If the US made the best computers but no one could afford to buy them, then making the best computers might not matter. Being able to afford the computers may be as important as the quality of the computers.

Adam Freund said...

bhn, thanks for the comment. That's a very valid point. First I was being a bit dramatic in my commentary. To me it is startling to hear US citizens bitch and moan about our health care and tout Canada's great health care system and then I see high ranking Canadians coming here for our health care. And mind you this is not an isolated incident.

Affordability and efficacy are two different matters and should be treated as such. But I think we could twist your point around and ask a different question. If Canada had affordable computers but not enough. Going to the store with a wad of cash and not being able to purchase a computer because it is sold out may be worse than not being able to afford one. In any case, the effect is the same.

p.a.whelan.nd said...

So Adam, who is the best computer company? Alienware for making the best gaming computers? Or Dell for being able to put a computer on many more laps and desks? People who can afford it will go for Alienware because it is has the most power. Confusing that with what is best for the general population is wrong though, because most people do not need and cannot afford Alienware products. We need both companies for an optimal personal computer market.

Adam Freund said...

I don't disagree with your assessment that both accessibility and efficacy matter.

My general point is that seeing where people migrate is a good proxy for what they prefer (or what they would consider the best). Not everyone views our health system or other aspects of our country as superior and that's fine, but generally speaking, when the inflow of people significantly tilts in our favor, that makes a staggering statement as to their view (and mine) of this country.

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