Thursday, March 11, 2010

The value of nothing

One big difference between conservatives and liberals is their view on the current state of affairs. Liberals look at how things are and are dismayed. They want to change things, in their words progress. To a new and better future they say. And action is their way of accomplishing it.

Conservatives see things as they are and think they are good enough. They, I, want inaction. I don't want to progress, I am happy with the way things are. The present is pretty damned good, let's keep it that way.

Liberals think the sky is falling, and if it isn't, many of them want it to. The poor are getting poorer, the earth's climate is heading for disaster, and life will end as we know it, or at least the banking system, if we don't DO SOMETHING. NOW! Unfortunately many of these liberals don't believe this, they want power and doing something means empowering them. The others, maybe they do believe the world is going to hell and a hand basket and immediate action is necessary. For them I offer a compromise, a third way if you will.

How about progress, but slowly and sustainable. Movement in the right direction but at a pace society can absorb, at a pace which can be stopped before we fall off the cliff. Keep government spending constant relative to the economy. As the economy grows, the ability for government to progress, take action will grow as well. This benefits everyone and if we work together, we'll get there.


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