Friday, April 15, 2011


"If you like your medical care, you can keep it."

As Neo correctly deciphered, the issue is choice. Obama-care passed because despite its obvious awfulness, it offered the false choice that nothing had to change. Why don't conservatives learn this lesson?

It's amazing listening to the Left and their attacks against completely reasonable proposals regarding health care. The proposal: instead of receiving government insurance, give people money to buy their own insurance. Sounds radical, right? No, but what's radical is the insinuation that conservatives want to destroy Medicare, rob old people, and give their money to millionaires and billionaires (who ironically happen to be quite old).

The logic behind the proposal is that by giving people money, they become conscientious consumers. You would be employing millions of people to act as fiscal watch dogs over health insurance companies. Right now, no one has any incentive to restrain their health care consumption because they don't pay for it. Like it or not, the logic is compelling and just makes common sense.

Of course there are people who disagree, so how can we sell this "experiment" and see if it actually works? Liberals, for all their open mindedness, will not allow the experiment to be run. So we have to get people on board by letting them keep what they have, and allowing them to try our proposal. If you like Medicare, you can keep it. But ours might be a better deal and the choice is yours.

Choice is always a political winner, which is why Obama so disingenuously employed it. We don't have to lie; we offer choice and that's how we should sell our ideas to the American people.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Choice is key.

I think we, the people, should be able to vote directly on these new bills as they arrive, instead of letting the guys in charge deal with it. So many people were opposed to it, so why would the government continute debating on it? Give the PEOPLE what they want (and don't force anything they DON'T want).

We at GovTogether are trying to build a system that would allow ordinary people like you and me to vote DIRECTLY on any new legislation, instead of hoping that our elected officials will make the right choice.

Ideally, any new elected officials would take a pledge to vote based on they way the PEOPLE have voted. If the majority of votes say NO, the elected official must also say NO. Our elected officials would be nothing more than representatives of the people (as it should be).

If you like the idea, come to our site and show your support with a vote. If we get enough votes, we can make this system a reality.

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