Monday, April 11, 2011

What do they want from us?

Lately, politics has gotten me despondent, and I am coming to the conclusion that the Left is insane. I am trying to come up with an argument on how to limit taxes on the "rich" and I haven't a clue.

Every day I hear from a Left winger that the "rich" don't pay enough. FINE. Then what would be enough? What would it take for you to leave them alone? Name a freakin number already!

Years ago I had the same thought with regard to education. How much is enough? The problem, we are told over and over again, is money. That's a solvable problem. Hire more teachers, pay them more, do whatever it takes and get it done. Yet spending has gone up significantly, while results have not. Where is the humility? Where is the admission that your hypothesis was invalid?

Saying the "rich" don't pay enough implies that you have a figure in mind. It means that there is a ransom for which you'll release your captive. Yet, I have a sinking feeling that no ransom will ever be enough. The life of the "rich" will always hang in the balance, at the whim of so called social (un)justice.

Taken to the logical conclusion we can either be hopeful or fearful. If there is a definite number, then one day we will reach it. But, if that number doesn't exist, then one has to wonder what the Left actually wants? If it's not money, it's...


The Skip Bureau said...

The interesting thing to me is that so many of the left who wish to soak high-income people are themselves filthy, dirty rich, not to mention often just plain filthy and dirty. Hypocrisy exists everywhere, but no where near so glaringly as in the mind of the lefty who is a multimillionaire but wants to use my money to help the poor.

As to education, there are limits to what can be done. Without raw material (an enquiring and flexible mind), no effort or spending will help. One of the fun things we can get up to, though, is hiring an army of bureaucrats so that we can monitor every step of the way, sapping the energy and creativity of teachers, guaranteeing 'teaching to the test' and ruining the teaching of proper critical thinking. Oh, and the bureaucrats end up soaking up more money than the funding they come with, so schools mus do without.

A better idea would be to just hand out vouchers for the amount that would otherwise be spent and let parents figure out for themselves which school and what type of schooling they want. Since this would stop the control of ideology that is so precious to the ideologues of both types, it is verboten. I am, of course, against the idea on the fundamental theory that we could just eliminate the middleman and let the locals spend their money as they like, given that a gradeschool education needn't be that expensive, but it would be such a huge step away from the pointless, enervating mess we have now...

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