Friday, February 24, 2012

Break some eggs

Recently I read a Facebook post about global warming and it reminded me of the fundamental reason why I abhor Liberalism.  When all is said and done, liberals believe that the ends justify the means and that is the most dangerous belief one can have.

Liberals believe nothing is off limits when it comes to saving humanity.  Not even humanity itself.  We know what's best, and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  Nothing will block our way.  Not the people and not some old flawed document known as the constitution.

The extent with which the Left routinely lies about what they will do and what they believe is illuminating. 

The fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals is conservatives believe that there are certain lines that cannot be crossed for any reason whatsoever.  Not for your own good or harm.  That is a stance for freedom and liberty.  Anything else leads down the Road To Serfdom.  


distantdrummer said...

I agree with you we must stand up and speak out for what is important, before it is taken all away. I would challenge others by asking; "What are you doing to change things?" It seems all to common to hear people just complaining. We need to speak out! Talk to Don't stay quiet, we want change.

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