Monday, February 13, 2012

Household slavery

My wife showed me a really interesting propaganda cartoon from Russia.  The cartoon which was for International Women's Day (March 8th) featured a housewife buried under a mountain of chores and a free woman, a communist, offering an outstretched hand trying to rescue the housewife from domestic slavery.

I am not one to comment on whether the choice to become a housewife is good or bad.  That's for her to decide.  But what's interesting is that the ad is not about "rescuing" the trapped woman from a life of drudgery.  The ad is about attacking that which threatens communism, and what threatens communism is to have its subjects value other things more than communism.

Whether it be G-d or the family, if a man or a woman places those first, if those are inviolable aspects to one's existence, then that creates a fracture in one's loyalty to the state and this is something the state cannot allow.

There shouldn't be any secret why religion was outlawed in communist Russia, religious conviction is a danger to the state.  The communist desire to "free" women from the bonds of domestication is no charitable act, it's an act of self preservation.  Like religion, the family is also a threat, and breaking the family bond makes the state stronger.

Throw off your old masters, so you can embrace your new ones.  That's "freedom" to the Left.


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