Thursday, April 5, 2012

They want to kill you

Reading Charles Murray's book, "Real Education" and it's basic premise is that people differ in abilities, notably academic ability, and as a result, we should tailor our educational system accordingly.  The more important point (and this is all me) is the average person is not remarkably bright, which leads to the conclusion.  You can't use rational arguments in politics.

People will never understand economics.  And unfortunately, there is no way to "prove" that one system works better than another.  But what about the collapse of the Soviet Empire?  What about the world freedom index?  What about...  It means nothing.  Europeans still take 6 weeks vacation every year and Canadians still say "eh?" Even if capitalism is objectively superior, a vast majority of the world subjectively judges socialism better.  People prefer the illusion of equality to the reality of prosperity. 

Nevertheless, I believe that my ideas are better for everyone and I want to promote those ideas the best way possible. 

If we want to win, we have to connect our ideas with the illusions people desire.  It doesn't matter if what we are saying is true, only that it isn't demonstrably false.  And we need to demagogue our opponents at every turn.  Why, because the illusion is not about 1% versus 2% GDP growth, but about a just and prosperous society.  We should never argue that we'll make you slightly richer than the other guy.  We have to argue that we'll make you richer, and they'll make you poorer.  That their policies will destroy your ideal society.  We should never let them in on the secret that an ideal society, their illusion, can never exist. 

Our opponents are merciless when it comes to how they describe us.  We are de facto racists, homophobes, and tools for the 1%.  None of our ideas have any merit, and they are actually meant to destroy the poor and middle classes.  It's useless to defend irrational arguments, so let's stop trying.  The truth is that we are for all that is good and right in the world.  We are the last bastion of hope for civilization.  Let's announce it, and make it known.  We are good, they are evil. 


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