Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Those who don't

Here's a great example of media bias: The Buffett Rule's Billionaire Backers: Meet The Super-Rich Who Want To Pay More Taxes  You don't have to actually read the article, just look at the title.  They want to pay more...I'm going to gag.  Those poor old Billionaires want to do the right thing, but the big bad Republicans won't force them to pay higher taxes.  They won't enact tax laws that their highly paid accountants can't skirt.  It's a terrible shame what we are doing to these .1%.  The fact that this article was even written is an example of media bias.  No self respecting journalist would write this stuff.  And a self respecting journalist would at least change the title to something more truthful, something like, "The Buffet Rule's Billionaire Backers:  Meet The Super-Rich Who Want To Pay More Taxes, Can Pay More in Taxes, But Don't"


Jonathan said...

Ironically, Warren Buffet's company has been fighting with the IRS about owing up to a billion dollars in extra taxes. Love the insights, man.

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