Thursday, November 8, 2012


For those like me who are disillusioned, some truth to keep your spirits up.   Individuals, not the government, are responsible for their own success.  You have infinitely more ability to shape your life, and your success than the government does.  That was true before the election and it's true today.  This country has been so successful because it created an environment which aligned incentives with wealth creation.  Hard work, innovation, thrift, and drive were/are rewarded by the marketplace, and the marketplace was king.  Now that government will stifle the marketplace, those hurt most will be those whose behavior does not naturally conform to these principles.  Sadly, these are already the least fortunate among us.  But, you the individual, you must always realize that your success is dependent on those principles, no matter the society you live in.  Reality is conservative, and conservative values lead to prosperity.

In vain we have been trying to teach the other half of the country to cherish these values.  They didn't heed the lesson, and now they will bear the consequences.  You don't have to.  Remember that, live it, and teach it to anyone who will listen.


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