Monday, September 30, 2013

The Better Half

The other day my wife and I were watching a Canadian TV news show.  Their target was unlicensed day care facilities.  Were these shops up to the task of taking care of your tot?  Do they know CPR in case little johnny chokes on a gummy bear?  I never heard the answer, but given the ominous tone of the program, I was sure that my future tots were not safe in these kiddie dungeons.  But, when all hope was lost and I was sure that I would be forced to take care of my own damn kid, my wife, in a moment of clarity, asked if all parents know CPR.  My jaw dropped.  Brilliant!  Since most parents don't know CPR, then it's just as unsafe to keep them at home.  Huzzah!  No overwhelming feeling of guilt pawning them off to unlicensed and CPR-less baby boarding houses.  Problem solved, unless...they (the man) decide that everyone must learn CPR to take care of children.  Thankfully, I don't have kids (ominous tone here) yet.


Adam Freund said...

A friend's comment:

"Clearly the right thing to have happen is for the Government to realize there is a major deficiency and step in to save us from ourselves. All day cares should be standardized, priced the same and parents obligated under penalty of law to hand over their tots to these, now improved, paradises where they can begin enlightening the kids with nuggets of wisdom taken straight from common core curriculum."

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