Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What do you mean you won't vote for Donald Trump

Here's my problem with the "establishment" types.  They despise "The Donald" so much that they wouldn't vote for him no matter what.  Really?  What's the alternative, Hillary; a fucking avowed socialist.  Say what you will about Trump, at least he's not them.  With them you know they are trying to ruin the country, you actually know their intentions are bad and that they are pushing us to moral decay and insolvency (which is a direct result of moral decay).  On the other hand you have Trump who said some upsetting things about Mexican rapists (don't want to offend those guys).  He may be a blowhard and an egomaniac, but one thing is for sure, he's not Hillary or a democrat.  The one truth in these times of ours is that there are no centrist democrats (Joe Lieberman being a possible exception and they kicked the Jew out).  Every last one of them is dedicated to hardcore leftist ideas.

All Republicans should have one rule for their vote, anybody but a democrat.  If they can't get that right, then they're already to the left.

For the interested, here's Jeff Jacoby stating his intention not to vote Trump:
THE TV NEWS was on, and there was a story about the leading candidates in the Republican presidential field.
"So if Donald Trump gets the nomination," my liberal friend needled me, "are you going to vote for him?"
"He's not going to be the nominee," I said, "but I wouldn't vote for him in any case."


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