Monday, October 5, 2015

Why are you answering?

The big problem with dealing with the liberal media is that they constantly push a liberal point of view.  Conservatives who talk to these people are in a bit of a no-win situation.  The sad fact is that these people control what the public sees and conservatives have to go through them to get to the American people.  Maybe that will change, but for now conservatives feel that the liberal media is necessary.

Nonetheless, if you must go and talk to liberals don't let them intimate bad things about you.  If a media person lies or distorts a statement and then proceeds to ask for your reaction to that lie or distortion, do not begin by saying that's not what you said.  These people are scum for phrasing the question that way in the first place.  Say it!!!!  Say to that person who just lied to you and the American people, "why are you lying about what I said".  Make them answer the question about their low moral character and their outrageous deceit.  Do not give a liar and a charlatan any credibility.  

Whenever conservatives dance around blatant lies it shows their weakness and their lack of understanding of the other side.  The other side doesn't care about the truth and will say and do anything to advance their agenda.  Do not engage with them as if they were a honorable partner.  They aren't.  Attack them for what they are; liars, cowards, cheats, power hungry elitist, narcissistic douche-bags.  Hate them the way that they hate you.  That's the only path to victory against an implacable enemy.   


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