Sunday, March 22, 2009

How far have we come?

In 1964, the civil rights act was enacted equalizing the rights of blacks in the eyes of the law. I believe that government, and consequently the law, is only a reflection of society and it's values. At the time of the civil rights act, the mores of society were changing and those changing norms preceded, did not follow, the eventual change in the law.

We have witnessed a very sad event in our country. The punitive tax on AIG employees is a travesty. It is blatantly unconstitutional and reflects new dangerous mores developing in our country.

First let's look at government. Every single one of them swears an oath to DEFEND the Constitution. What does that oath mean? Nothing, and neither does the constitution. Before this we pretended like the constitution mattered, now we know it does not. Maybe this will be vetoed by Obama or ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court. Regardless, we have definitive proof that your representatives don't give two cents about the constitution. Remember that. Also remember who did care and give them your money because they are your true advocates and leaders.

We forget so soon the evils of which we are capable. In my life I can't conceive of a world where blacks are openly discriminated against. This is beyond my comprehension because where I grew up this was unthinkable. Just as we are probably not evolved enough for our technology, we haven't evolved that much in 200, no 30 years. This episode demonstrates just how little it takes to bring society down to a base level.

What we need to learn from this is that the danger from us to us is very great. In this case we may feel justified in our anger and retribution (I don't), but should that be the basis for our action? The basis for our society? One of the reasons this country is great is because of equality under the law. Now, as we and our "leaders" foam at the mouth, the law is used for punitive inequality. Shame on us.


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