Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to defeat liberalism

You cannot defeat liberalism through the political process. We libertarian minded individuals have always believed that less government means more happiness and well being for the individual and society. We believe this and the facts often support us but all our efforts to move the political process in this direction have and will fail. Government exists to limit liberty and the only thing we advocate to increase liberty is the elimination of government. We advocate self reliance and the unseen benefits of freedom and choice. They advocate the immediate and seen. We advocate what could be. They scare you with what could be and promote themselves as the savior. The vast majority of mankind is not capable of seeing the benefits of the unseen and therefore they will always favor the secure and immediate benefits of the here and now despite their long term harm. Politics is concerned with satisfying the wants of the people and those wants do not concern our future. This is a reality and we should not attempt to change it, we need to cope with it.

We are not trying to defeat government or the political process. This is and will continue to be the wrong enemy. What is Liberalism? What about it must be fought? Liberalism today, like Fascism, Communism, Theocracy and other very dangerous ideologies is about control. There are two types of liberals. Those that want to help and those who want to control you. We liberty minded individuals are fighting those that wish to control our lives under the guise of help. This is the danger we are fighting and it does not matter whether is comes from Republicans or Democrats. Those that preach control see themselves as gods and us as their inept children who need their guidance. This is what we are fighting.

Government takes from some and gives to others by definition. That’s its job, that’s why it exists and it does it through compulsion and force. Government is a necessary evil and what we have always wanted to do is limit that evil. It has always been acknowledged that the evil is the abuse of government. What is this abuse; it is the abuse of control. We give our government the power to control our lives. We legitimatize its use of force. We try to limit this to the purposes we advocate but that will not work when the purposes become larger and their directives more vague.

How do we defeat Governments abuse? How do we defeat excessive government control? We expose it for what it is. We expose the fraud perpetrated by those who want to “help” us and show that their true objective is to rule over us. People implicitly will reject this but it must be exposed.

We can expose it by supplanting their “help” with real help. They want to provide health care, we will provide health care. They want to provide education, we will provide education. They want to help the poor, we will help the poor.

Tyranny flourishes under the guise of help. Tyranny is control, Liberty is choice. We need to take away their cloak of morality and expose their true morality; the morality of a slave master who whips his slave for its own good.


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