Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am not a religious person. I was raised Jewish but I cannot ever remember truly believing any of the Old Testament stories. I am not an atheist or an agnostic. What I would consider myself to be is spiritual. What is spirituality? Let me answer that with a very short story from my youth. I had a friend in high school who did believe and at the time I was probably less spiritual and more scientific. When I asked him why he believed the answer was, “Look about you. THIS is why I believe.” At the time I did not consider this profound but lately I have come to appreciate it more and more. There was a time when I was fascinated by physics. All really cool people love physics because at the heart of physics is an insatiable desire to explain how things work. The more I learned, the more it became clear I didn’t really know anything. I may not be Jewish or Christian or Muslim or any other religion but I am a friend to them all. I believe that it is a mistake to ascribe to any one religion for “answers” to life’s impossible questions. This is no better than the Greek worship of gods to explain nature. Religion, in the most fundamental sense is the realization of our limits and ability to understand. It is the question itself. I have not personally achieved faith, but what I view faith as is not that I can ever understand, but that THIS makes sense to something. That something is what we call G-d.


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