Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Obama Transition

Now that the transition is over and we have sworn in our first black president I want to point out something that seemed kind of odd to me. One thing the media kept on repeating is how great it was that there was an orderly transition of power. Over and over again I heard this as if it were this spectacular and unexpected event. I admit that I have limited life experience in transitions of power due to my age but I still find all this talk quite odd.

I remember Barry Sanders playing football for the Detroit Lions. He was a great running back and when he scored a touchdown he would never celebrate. He would simply flick the ball to the referee and modestly walk off the field. Why didn't he celebrate like so many of our current athletes? If you expect to score then you should act like you belong in the end zone. One doesn't celebrate an expected event, one acts like he's been there and will do it again.

Our country should revel in the fact that we elected a black man. Personally I do not think this country has been significantly racist most of my life but I suppose this puts the stamp on it (at least I hope so). However we should not be in awe of the transition of power, this is something we as a people ought to expect and know that we will do it again.


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