Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who are the New Liberal Democrats?

We believe, as our founders believed, of the greatness within men, but also of the fallibility within men. We believe in the great potential of government, but also in the great danger of government. We believe that the essential purpose of government is to protect individuals from the tyranny of other men.

The greatness of society is not the form of government it employs, but the moral character embodied in the traditions of society. Government is a necessary instrument for the society of men to function. It can be a force for good or evil. Our belief is to use the power of government to give men the power to better themselves.

What is the best way to help men? This depends on how one views the nature of man. There are those who believe most people fit into one of three categories: the incapable, the weak, and the strong. They presume that if incapable people were allowed to attend to their own affairs, they would succumb to their irrational desires and irresponsible behaviors. They believe weak people are trapped in their present situation and unable to achieve due to forces beyond their control. They are convinced that the strong people exploit both the incapable and the weak.

These same people regard themselves as part of a distinct elite fourth category. One whose duty it is to shepherd the incapable and the weak from exploitation by the strong. They believe that their guidance and supervision is necessary for society to function, and that government is the instrument necessary to accomplish this.

We believe that men are free to choose their own actions that lead to success or failure. Men who cannot choose lack any control over their lives. The shepherds believe they are the ones that must make the choices. We believe that it is man’s duty and desire to direct his own life via the God-given liberty he possesses. This is the essential difference between us and them.

Based on this belief, the role of government is to provide the structure for man to function to the best of his ability.


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