Tuesday, July 21, 2009

David Brooks is no conservative

From Mr. Brooks column in the NY Times:
Machiavelli said a leader should be feared as well as loved. Obama is loved by the Democratic chairmen, but he is not feared. On health care, Obama has emphasized cost control. The chairmen flouted his priorities because they don’t fear him. On cap and trade, Obama campaigned against giving away pollution offsets. The chairmen wrote their bill to do precisely that because they don’t fear him. On taxes, Obama promised that top tax rates would not go above Clinton-era levels. The chairmen flouted that promise because they don’t fear him.
Mr. Brooks has got it all wrong. In his admiration for Obama (between the lines folks) he paints Mr. Obama as a helpless victim of the other overreaching liberals in congress. No Mr. Brooks, the policies of congress are EXACTLY in line with what president Obama believes. Hear that silence, it is the lack of any criticism from Obama.


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