Monday, July 27, 2009

That didn't take long

Yin and Yang, good and evil, the New York Times and sanity. In a rare moment the NY Times displays a clear voice of reason. They are dismayed at bi-partisan congressional attempts to stop the closing of auto dealerships for the formerly big two.
The White House is warning that the measure threatens the automakers’ hope for turnaround and endangers repayment of the government bailout loans. The legislation is also establishing a terrible precedent. What will the House try to micro-manage next? A Capitol prod to revive whitewall tires? Or inscribe patriotic slogans on front grilles?
I applaud their dismay but question their sanity. How many years, er...months did it take for this to happen? Anyone with an ounce of common sense saw this a mile away. For some reason the NY Times and their ilk continue to believe that "their" people are incorruptible despite insurmountable evidence to the contrary. Insanity, is the NY Times astonishment of this exercise in political expediency.


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