Friday, July 24, 2009

Why should it be easy?

While I rail against the apathy of investors, the NY Times wants to reward the apathy of voters. So in their latest editorial they moan and groan about the lackluster voter registration in this Country.
The registration rates ranged from 100 percent in Argentina and 97 percent in Belize to 68 percent in the United States. That 68 percent reflects poorly on American democracy. To live up to the ideal of the founders of a nation governed with the consent of the governed, the United States should aspire to get as close to full registration of eligible voters as possible.
Consent of the governed, how about active participation of the governed! I am a lazy guy and last I remember, registering to vote was remarkably simple. I didn't travel ten miles, in the snow, uphill both ways, and without a jacket to do it.

Apparently sacrifice is fine for the war on terror, the environment, and health care but ask a person to go to the secretary state and register, for shame. Worship to blind democracy is not a virtue. An active participatory democracy is what this country needs. Participation requires effort. It requires that people inform themselves on the issues. It requires that people have a stake in the outcome. In sum, it requires sacrifice. This country asks very little of Her citizens. Unfortunately, the NY Times is asking for even less.


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